Updated: Nov 4, 2021

At 22i, our mission is real-time AI for a smarter, safer society.

As such, we believe AI must work for people and planet – it’s our core value.

One way we deliver this is via AI-powered micro applications. This makes it possible for businesses to use AI without complexity - to plug the gap between AI rhetoric and reality.

Our plug-and-play micro apps make it easy for clients to rapidly deliver on specific problems - to create the sandbox, roll out the pilot, then quickly execute at scale.

We do this by focusing on the fundamentals:

  • What's the business objective?

  • What are the key business issues?

  • What's the critical business path?

  • Where are the pinch points?

  • What are the key performance indicators to measure success and ROI?


Micro apps allow us to deliver solutions that are easy to deploy and do not demand specialized AI skills from their users. At the same time, our AI transcends data siloes and integrates seamlessly with existing systems.

For AI and automation to truly transform an organization, however, we focus on delivering the 3 Zeroes:

  1. Zero latency in process.

  2. Zero distance to information.

  3. Zero disruption to business operations.

These 3 Zeroes will help organizations benefit from AI's full potential and promise.


Our AI delivers zero latency in business process.

This enables:

  • Everything being done in real time.

  • Staff and key stakeholders quickly and efficiently uploading data.

  • Remote review of key tasks, e.g. by time, date, geo-location, sound frequency, temperature or individual.


Our AI gives customers zero distance to their data.

This delivers:

  • The ability to retrieve information and insights in real time - a critical competitive differentiator.

  • The freedom to analyze, predict and project.

  • A bridge between big data and thick data.


Disruption to business operations can lead to regulatory violations, legal fines and reputational harm.

Our AI prevents:

  • Downtime in operations, disruption to the supply chain and organizational ‘ground feel’.

  • Unnecessary inefficiencies and cost, plus confusion when issues arise.


By focusing on the 3 Zeroes, we help mitigate much of the $700 million annual hidden cost of UK smart meter installations.

We achieve this via AI that checks and records the correct procedures are carried out when installing a smart meter - ensuring consistent, cross-comparable work audits and removing the cost of physically inspecting an Engineer’s work.

Essentially, our AI verifies installation conforms to best working practices, records all results and stores them securely on the cloud.

This frees our clients to:

  • Maximize the daily number of meter installations - increasing the opportunity for electricity providers to meet government targets.

  • Reduce industry sanctions, costs and fines for missed targets.

  • Help a Zero Harm industry by reducing injuries to Engineers and customers.

  • Reduce an annual carbon footprint of 40,000 tonnes by eliminating the need for Managers and Auditors to physically check smart meter installations.

  • Empower the workforce to meet their daily targets and reduce suspensions - meaning greater efficiencies, less pressure and stress.

  • Open the door to the creation of a de facto global, industry standard for smart meter installation.

Smart meter or drone, offshore or onshore, underground or underwater, the 3 Zeroes help organizations simplify their business journey, and efficiently roll out AI at speed and scale.

Industry-agnostic, the 3 Zeroes help us mitigate risk, drive efficiencies and social impact. In supporting a Zero Harm culture and greater efficiencies, we help companies improve ESG standards, investment profile and the bottom line.

Quite simply, AI and the triple bottom line is what we do.

...All via relentless pursuit of 3 Zeroes.

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