New Year, new hopes.

In this new decade, we at 22i will continue focusing on the triple bottom line. We don’t just desire a more sustainable economy, we'll help create it.

The triple bottom line isn’t what we say, it’s what we do - people, planet profit. We focus on this to mitigate risk, drive efficiencies and social impact.

Our AI, for example, strips out much of the manual cost of safe smart meter installation - equating to unnecessary costs of $700 million in the UK alone, plus 40,000 tonnes of CO2 every single year.

While strategy might change, adapt and shift in response to events, our vision and values won't. The more things change, the more they'll stay the same.


A smarter, safer, more sustainable world.


Artificial Intelligence is what we do.

We believe AI must be rooted in ethics, in moral principles of fairness and trust.

AI must be reliable and safe, private and secure.

AI must be humane yet logical, rooted in common sense and reason.

AI must serve the common good and know right from wrong.

AI must look to the horizon, not just the here and now.

Ultimately, AI must work for people and planet - offering answers to the perennial problems.

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