According to the Gartner CIO Agenda Survey, 48% of global CIOs will have deployed AI this year, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) judged the most disruptive technology.

Likewise, Gartner find that half of AI investments will be quantified and linked to specific key performance indicators to measure return on investment by 2024.

At the same time, however, relatively few organizations can claim a mature state of AI adoption.

In effect, the unique nature of every company is reflected in a unique maturity level in AI, plus a unique approach to AI planning, management and execution.


At 22i, our strategy is to help organizations cut through the challenges of AI adoption, to simplify business process and efficiently roll out AI at speed and scale.

We do this via AI-powered micro applications.

Strategically, this allows our clients to:

  • Bridge organizational siloes, where data might be duplicated across company systems.

  • Ensure minimal disruption to their existing business.


Micro apps allow us to deliver the following:

  • Low cost.

  • Lean functionality via relatively modest developer resources.

  • Quicker build, rollout and execution.

  • Independence, with each micro app linked to a dedicated database.

  • Modular, minimal and flexible solutions by design – meaning our AI can be tailored to specific tasks and processes.

  • Efficient deployment across various devices, platforms and business siloes.


At 22i, our micro app strategy makes it possible for businesses to use AI without complexity - to plug the gap between AI rhetoric and reality.

Our plug-and-play solutions make it easy for clients to rapidly deliver on specific problems - to create the sandbox, roll out the pilot, then quickly execute at scale.

We achieve this by stripping things back and focusing on the basics:

  1. What's the key business issue here?

  2. What's the critical business path?

  3. Where are the pinch points?

  4. What's the business objective?

  5. What are the key performance indicators to measure success / return on investment?

This strategy allows us to deliver solutions that are easy to deploy and do not demand specialized AI skills from their users.

At the same time, our AI transcends data siloes and integrates seamlessly with existing systems.


With all the talk of smart grids and smart cities, it's easy to overlook the basics - the physical installation of smart meters themselves.

In the UK alone, the downstream industry cost of mistakes and inefficiencies in smart meter installation equates to over $700 million per year - plus an estimated carbon footprint of over 40,000 tonnes. Strip it all back and the critical path is those initial 111 minutes where an Engineer has to install and commission the smart meter.

At 22i, we have a solution for this - an AI micro app preventing the inefficiencies and hidden costs of smart meter installation.

Our AI checks and records the correct procedures are carried out when installing a smart meter - ensuring consistent, cross-comparable work audits and removing the cost of physically inspecting an Engineer’s work.

Our AI enables real time verification that installation conforms to best working practices, records all results and stores them securely on the cloud.

At 22i, micro apps will help us deliver on our mission of AI for a smarter, safer world.

Quick and efficient. Safe and simple.

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