Current Projects



Single Phase smart meter QA AI. Supports the safe and efficient installation of smart meters utilising our unique AI/ML algorithm.


Provides early identification and rectification of incorrect installations. Provides remote auditing capabilities for managers and auditors.


Socket Tester

Utilising AI/ML algorithm to recognise and audit socket tests conducted by installers as part of the smart meter installation process, both pre and post installation.


Provides auditors/managers with near immediate notification by email of failed tests, allowing them to monitor staff in near real time from off-site locations.


Meter Readings

 AL/ML algorithm to provide accurate meter readings in the three standard meters - dial, digital and analogue.


Computer Vision/ML

Recognises key features in scene arrival and departure photos generated by installers.


To support the 'ground truth' when installers are challenged by clients for poor installations. Supports revenue protection investigations.