Cloudy Day

The Ask

The ask was formulated based on the amount of capital required to sustain an operational runway of 12 months, excluding projected revenues.

We are looking to raise $1.5 million to power up the 22i business project to new heights. Our successful pilot with EDF Energy and our current SaaS capabilities serve as proof of concept to our ability to execute the current business plan and turn 22i into a key market player in the niches of optimization SaaS solutions for advanced meter and electric vehicle charging station infrastructures.

The Give

For an investment of $1.5 million, we are prepared to offer equity in the 22i company, as per the model.

Solar Panels
Solar Energy


Return on investment is analyzed through the lens of a discounted cash flow model.


Our projections put 22i’s enterprise value at just under $70M by end of Year 5. Over this period, the IRR is calculated at 75%.

Starting with January 2022

At exit, based on enterprise value projection at 31/12/2026